West Texas Gypsy Road Trip, Part 2

This post is a continuation of our West Texas Gypsy Road trip. Make sure you read West Texas Gypsy Road Trip, Part 1. For our last morning at Franny, the School Bus, we decided to take it easy and consume a full breakfast as our next stop was only 2 hours away.  We made another stop on the way in Marfa and, although it’s a sister city to Alpine, we just didn’t enjoy the vibe as much as Alpine. Then again, we really didn’t stick around to enjoy it other than lunch at Bar St. George (not cheap, b

West Texas Gypsy Road Trip, Part 1

Every year, I plan a family trip right as school ends. Last year, I traveled to West Texas and Big Bend National Park with a friend who frequents the area and I fell in love. I also purchased a new car last year (for the first time in 15 years!) and figured if I was going to plan a trip with the girls, it’d be our first major road trip and would have to include West Texas. We had an absolute BLAST. We split the time between staying in hotels and other funky accommodations, including camping. Si

Adventures in Vegas with Teens in Tow

The kids and I visited Las Vegas recently – a first for all of us. I wasn’t sure if Vegas would be appropriate for teen girls but, as usual, we love new adventures. After a little research, we had a great (but exhausting) time. And we thought walking around Disney was tiring! We didn’t really know what to expect upon arrival to “Sin City” but we weren’t disappointed to see video machines as soon as we stepped off the plane. McCarran International airport was relatively small compared to Dallas

Disney World & Universal Studios 2015: Our Experience

In my previous post, I covered all of the planning and travel tips I learned while putting together our trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. Now we’ll dive deeper into the fun we had! We arrived in Orlando as planned – which is awesome considering the airlines’ ability to get anywhere on time these days. American Airlines seems to have a solid flight plan from Dallas to Orlando. They even play Disney movies on the flight. We carried on our luggage and went right to our car rental. The c

Disney World and Universal Studios Travel and Planning Tips

We’re all sufficiently exhausted from a whirlwind trip to Orlando.  My man has insisted that we take the kids to Disney for as long as we’ve dated and I’ve been hesitant. Why would I want to take a vacation and be surrounded by thousands of people? It didn’t sound appealing…. My youngest daughter became obsessed with Harry Potter and wanted to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando. I realized I could kick off the Christmas holidays with M

Packing for a Yoga Retreat

Pema Chodron book to read while lying on a hammock in the woods… Check! Ahhh… I love packing for a weekend at Yoga in the Pines. I crave the simplicity of it. I long for weekends of wearing no make-up or pretense. I look forward to the community – with nature, my spirit and the new friends I’m sure to make. I know that going into the weekend, I will shed more than my high heels, business suits and curled locks. I won’t touch a curling iron. I won’t (and I still feel guilty about this) have to


The drive to the yoga retreat this weekend was less than stellar. A massive (read: insane) thunderstorm accompanied me the entire drive east. Rain falling sideways. Almost non-existent visibility. Lightning striking the ground next to me. White knuckles on my steering wheel. Flooded streets. Wind gusts pushing my vehicle from one lane to the next. I laughed, in spite of my fear. I recalled preparation for Savasana – the final relaxation pose in yoga. Commonly, we go into the final pose by takin

My Paradise

My first vacation to Mexico was in 1991. I was 21 years old and traveling with my roommate. She was a seasoned traveler to Mexico and regaled me with tales of a place called “Akumal”. Unfortunately, we never made it to this magical destination during our brief stay in Cancun. In my mind and from everything she told me, I imagined paradise. A couple of years later, I traveled again to Mexico but this time with my husband. We planned an all inclusive stay at an Oasis Akumal resort. The resort was

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